Academy of  Professional Barbers - Stylists


Application Fee:         $150.00 (non-refundable)      (Due at the time of application ) 

​Tuition and Tools:
Tuition     $6,400.00

Books $250.00

​Tools       $500.00 (non-refundable)

​Total        $7,300 

There are several ways of paying the these fees. 
1. Pay the tuition fees upfront - The Academy accepts cash, personal checks, VISA, and MasterCard for payment of tuition and fees. 
2. Sign up for the Academy's Tuition and Tools Installment Plan (TTIP). The details for this option are discussed below. 
3. The Academy offers a financing option through the TFC Credit Corporation. This plan is similar to a retail installment contract and provides an easy method for payment. The details for this option are discussed below. 
​4. Veterans Benefits: If you have served in the United States Armed Forces, are in the Reserves or National Guard, or are a dependant of a Veteran who is100% disabled or deceased, you may be eligible to receive Veterans benefits  - you must register with the Veterans Affairs Office(Admissions, Records and Registration) to apply for monthly payments 

​Tuition and Tools Installment Plan (TTIP) This plan is offered by the APBS as a method of financial assists to the student by extending the payment of their tuition over the length of the educational program. There is nosign-up fee, interest charge or hidden costs. The only stipulation made by the APBS is that payment be made on a timely basis (1st day of each month). A late fee will be assessed payments which are 7 days or more past due. 

​TTIP Payment Schedule
​Full-Time Student:Initial payment $1,850.00 (due 1st day of class) 
Monthly payments (8) $662.50 (a late fee of $25.00 applies to any payment passed due by 7 days or more) 

Part - Time Student: 
Initial payment  $1,850.00
Monthly payments (10) $530.00 (a late fee of $25.00 applies to any payment passed due by 7 days or more)  
Monthly payments are due on the 1st day of each month for all students.Students who have started class after the 15th day of a month will have their first payment reduced to 50% of the monthly amount, with the remaining 50% being made as an additional 9th payment for full-time students and an 11th payment for part-time students.

TFC Corporation Financing
​The APBS has arranged for the financing of a major portion of the Academy's fees through the TFC Credit Corporation. Qualified students must make a down payment of approximately one-third their fees. The remaining two-thirds is financed at a reasonable interest rate as a retail instalment contract. The student is then required to make regular monthly payments. Many students find the convenience of this financing of benefit. 

​TFC Payment Schedule
APBS Tuition and Tools $7,300.00
Less Initial Payment $2,000.00
​Amount Financed $5,300.00
Interest 8% Annual Rate   $232.48 (Rate set at time of application and determined by current market factors)
​Monthly Payment (12): $461.04